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    Pam LeBlanc's Tip of the Month

Keys for Putting Success
By Pam LeBlanc, LPGA Professional

The first and most important key to successful putting is having the confidence in your-self, the belief that you “Are a GREAT Putter.” Believe that you CAN make putts, see the ball seek the hole and hear the ball plop in the cup and you WILL make putts.

The two most important aspects of putting are Distance and Direction.


Take the time to line the name brand of the golf ball or the line on your ball in the direction that you would like the ball to travel on. This step is done directly behind the golf ball so that you, the ball and the hole are in a straight line. Once this step is complete, use the line on the top of your putter and match the two lines so that you know that you are aimed correctly. It is very important that you trust this alignment. Besides your putter the next most important alignment in putting is the positioning of your shoulders and toes. Make sure that your feet and shoulders are running parallel to your target line.


Speed control or distance is controlled by the length and the speed of the putter. This is created by making a pendulum motion. The back swing and the follow through rhythm should be balanced with one another. You always want to accelerate through every putt. Too long a back swing leads to a decelerated stroke and inconsistencies in the roll of the ball. Remember, the rhythm of your stroke should be tic-toc.


Five Ball Ladder Drill - Take five balls and place each ball in a line one foot apart from each other. Take the time to line the name brand in the direction to the hole. Start with the closest ball and move your way back until you finish with the fifth ball. The ball directly behind will help you create the tic-toc rhythm of your stroke (shorter back and longer through).

Finally, putting is the most individualized area in the game….. Relax, be yourself and have fun rolling that little white ball into the hole!!!

Pam LeBlanc, is a class A member of the LPGA, Teaching Professional at Greensmere Golf & Country Club and the owner of Pam LeBlanc Golf Solutions.

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