The Classic Chip: Easy as B-L-T

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By Pam LeBLanc, LPGA Teaching Professional

Playing situations often demand a less than full swing. As you get closer to the green, better direction and distance control are the primary goal. To accomplish this, one should feel a more compact controlled action through the upper body while maintaining greater stability in the lower body.

10 Reasons Golf Will Always Be The Ultimate BusinessTool

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Anyone reading the mainstream media and their constant efforts to trumpet the demise of golf could be forgiven for thinking that golf as a business tool is a little passé. Sure participation is down, but 25 million players is not exactly a small number. Then when you look at the number of top CEO’s, sports stars, movie stars and entrepreneurs who are avid golfers, those numbers are actually pretty impressive. An estimated 90% of Fortune 500 CEO’s play golf as have almost all of the US presidents since Ike. Better still, executives who play golf make an average of 17% more than those who don’t.

Yes, business golf is not just surviving it’s thriving and for the sake of your business or career here are ten reasons you’d better get in on the action!

10 Reasons You Should Get Your Kids into Golf Today!

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Every Saturday and Sunday after 4pm, kids aged 16 and under golf FREE with a paying adult. Book your tee time today!

I didn’t know it at the time, I was only 10, but the day the old golf pro, at Cow Glen Golf Club, near Glasgow died, would prove be the start of the amazing odyssey that has been my life. A life dominated by chasing a little white ball around the World. The friends I have met, the money I have made, the lifestyle I have enjoyed all link back to that dumpster!

The dumpster where they put 60 years worth of old clubs, balls and rubbish that the old pro had accumulated in his tiny little pro shop. From it my uncle Forbes, whom I happened to be visiting, rescued a hand full of hickory-shafted clubs, which were promptly cut down and sent back with me in England.

My parents didn’t play golf so I started hitting balls on my own on a playing field. Soon after I persuaded my parents to get me into a club as a junior member. For the next 8 years I spent every waking hour, other than school, at Llilleshall and later Shifinal golf clubs. The handful of kids I played with there are still my best friends today although I moved 4,000 miles away.

The knowledge I gained about life and business on those fairways surpassed anything I ever learned in college. Although my golf did get me a full scholarship!

Cart Path Rules

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How many of you have ended up on a cart path and not known how to deal with it???? Usually when a player is on a cart path they don't want to play off of it and will drop on the fairway side of the path. The problem here is that you are to drop within one club length of the nearest point of relief and not closer to the hole.

Know your options for a ball in a Water Hazard (yellow stakes) or Lateral Water Hazard (red stakes)

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A lot of players don’t know all their options when their ball goes in the water.  Three options for either red or yellow staked hazards are the same and for the red staked hazard there are two extra options. 

The first three options are that you can always replay from where the previous stroke was played from, you can play the ball as it lies (cannot ground your club in the hazard or move any loose impediments) and you can go back as far as you want keeping the flagstick and the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard in line and drop the ball on that line. 

Golf Tip for May

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Swish for Speed

Pam LeBlanc, LPGA Class “A” Teaching Professional

Purpose- Increased Distance

Tip - Increased swing speed leads to longer shots; work on hearing a louder noise when making a practice swing.

Try This Drill:  Turn your driver upside down so that the grip end of the club is pointing towards the ground.  Take your grip on the shaft just underneath the club head.  Make sure the club is addressed a few inches above the ground, then start making practice swings.

Dealing with the Tractor on Premiere #17

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Premiere 17

Often players are getting their tee shot on #17 up to the tractor and sometimes even under it. I’ve been there many times. I’ve heard people saying that you must keep the tractor between your next shot and the hole but that isn’t usually the case.

February Recipe of the Month

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FullSizeRenderSauteed Shrimp with a Mango Pineapple Chutney
Our sous chef, Amanda, made this dish for the judges in the 2016 Taster's Choice Series Culinary Challenge. Amanda has advanced to the finals of this competition on to be held on April 21st (more info here).
We hope you enjoy this month's dish.

2016 Rules Changes

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golf canada logo2016 brings some new changes in the Rules of Golf. Here is a quick recap of a few of them that players could run into.